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bringing together community groups, technologists and strategists

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‘Community Barcamp’~ real life social networking

Posted by grahamjordan on November 3, 2008

wordle of sunderland digital challenge bid image of digital challenge bid

Sunderland Community Barcamp

Sports Bar, Stadium of Light, Sunderland SR5 1SU

6-8pm Monday 24th November 2008

A BarCamp ‘first’ in the north east, bringing together people that use services in the community with the people that build and provide them to talk about how technology can improve everyone’s life.

· This is a first for us so we need your feedback. If you liked the event, the format, or especially if you didn’t like it, please let us know, either at the event, or at this link by clicking ‘Leave a Reply’.

Part of the IT in the Community Conference


10 Responses to “‘Community Barcamp’~ real life social networking”

  1. I would like to talk about innovative telephonies.(Clever Phones)

  2. This sounds really exciting. Its a shame i can’t make it as i’m away, but i’d me interested in going to any future events. Well done who ever came up with the idea.

  3. I am one of the workshop leader delivering a session on how to create an effective community websites on the second day of the conference.

    The session will cover various tools, hardware/software, unique skills needed to manage a site. We will also touch on online/offline marketing techniques, web trackers that make sense to real people not just to techie’s.

    I will be at barcamp and happy to chat about this stuff as and how needed.

    The methods used in Sunderland are very different to those used in other areas.

  4. Hi – AboutMyArea is a privately owned Community website for South Sunderland, so I am interested in speaking to anyone we can help by promoting their community group, club or organisation, or local business on our internet pages.

    I am also intrigued by Chris’ coment above that Sunderland is ” very different ” to other areas !

  5. Engaging students in learning is my thing – specifically students aged 14-19 who are unlikely to get 5+ A*-C GCSEs!
    My new company develops fantastic resources for English, Maths and ICT but they are no good unless we can get them used by students – that’s my challenge! Jonathan Wells

  6. This is really great !

    I’m unfortunatley not going to be there on Monday as i’m involved in a DC10plus event in London, but I will be there for IT in the Community event.

    Hope it goes well and will support using social media if I can !

    I’ve put a shout out on Twitter (which often seems to bring people into this sort of thing!) please say hi to me if anyone reading this is on Twitter – I go by the name of “watfordgap”


  7. Lee Hall said

    I want to discuss hosting community content at and to meet some power users.

  8. The North East is the most rapidly ageing region of the country. I am interested in how we can be a flourishing, sustainable community with a population age-structure much older than that experienced by previous generations. ‘Years Ahead’ has funding to set up a large panel of older people who can actively inform regional policy and strategy making and and provide input to research on issues which affect their lives – “nothing about us, without us”. Although an ICT simpleton, I am attending in the hope of meeting people with related interests or ideas about how ICT networking can be used to support these aims.

  9. chris said

    It seems like just yesterday. Canny night

  10. francis said

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